An experience to cherish for a lifetime!

As the quote goes by  ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’ insists every passionate individual drive with a thrust force to chase their dreams. On adhering to my inner soul, my journey with Proximove have started all the way on the month which I had been given birth. To my fortune, I have to thank god for placing me in a start-up to nurture myself and to surf through the ocean of knowledge

Hard work & Perseverance is the key!!

Throughout my journey, I have come across a fleet of challenges every day, like a fleet of vehicles in Proximove. It’s a pride for an engineer like me to wake up with a hope in the morning and engage in a work which I love to do. An enthusiastic team as a support behind all the ideas which sparkles out in our mind periodically. Our uplifting motive is to march towards the vision of Proximove in affording people a comfortable journey. Every day with Proximove starts with a desire to meet new people, understand their requirements and connect them with Proximove.

On the other hand, not every day will give you the similar experience as of you wish to get. But it also depends on how you strive hard with perseverance in handling the issues with a smile! I do have perceived the same to taste a part of success.

Loads of responsibilities with collective ownership have enabled me to take a new challenge and resolve with a unique solution. As an active intern, my association with Proximove has taught me to move forward with utmost consistency and determination.

Most memorable experience of my life!

Upon my very own Perception, Proximove is a platform to enhance your uniqueness by imbibing vast field experiences. When I look back after some years, I  am sure that this memorable journey would have guided me in the most appropriate path.

Let Proximove be the first page of my success story!


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