Best places to visit in Coimbatore for the weekend

“Coimbatore & Joyous Weekend” that’s a fairytale story to be fair. The Manchester of Tamilnadu is known for its rich culture, Tradition, and Respect. Profoundly known as the educational hub of South India, Coimbatore is also referred to as one of the most industrialized cities in Tamil Nadu. But then, the city of Coimbatore doesn’t just fit into the aforementioned taglines. Coimbatore has a lot more in store for its people – the ever- romantic climatic conditions, the adored Kongu Tamil, the tasty Siruvani water and a wide array of enthralling tourist attractions.

What better would someone expect? Coimbatore is truly a Paradise on Earth & that’s typically how the people here adorably refer Coimbatore in a phrase. Having said so much about this beautiful place, there’s this one thing that the residents of Coimbatore say aloud with pride and joy,

We enjoy the best weekends all year long and that’s more than just a common phrase. It’s an emotion on a joyous note! 

There’s also this conventional statement that you often hear from Coimbatorians & which isn’t a joke actually.

Here it goes: When bored, we quickly take a ride to Ooty for a cup of hot tea. 

It’s as cool as it’s said in the lines of a wanderlust.

Coimbatore is such an astounding land that’s gifted with some of the most beautiful & ravishing tourist places in Tamilnadu. Having blessed with wonderful climatic zones, the city is gorgeously surrounded by the mighty western ghats alongside bordering the Nilgiris and Palghat gap. The city opens up to diverse tourist destinations that are truly incredible. Be it the age-old temples that occupy a pivotal role in the history, or the splendid mountain ranges that define magnificence, tourism in Coimbatore could truly uplift your soul.

So now, aren’t you excited about the best tourist picks that could gift you an awesome weekend? Here’s a list of the best places to visit in Coimbatore for the weekend. Be it for a solo drive or for your buddies gang to hang out & enjoy a delightful weekend in Coimbatore. Here’s Proximove, your next-door travel partner in Coimbatore. We are an online aggregation platform for all tourist vehicles driving for a reason and towards making all your journeys eco-friendly and memorable. We have in place a wide range of tourist vehicles for rent in Coimbatore. This includes tourist buses, tourist cars, tempo travellers, and vans for rent in Coimbatore at the most affordable costs.

Have a glimpse of our list that comprises the best places to visit in Coimbatore for the weekends. Pick your favourite destinations -> Visit Proximove -> Choose from a wide range of tourist vehicles & set out on a wonderful weekend trip.

Places to Explore

A Spiritual visit to the Ancient Temples

Coimbatore is largely known for the diverse, age-old temples that are rich in culture and history. You can almost find a temple at every corner of a street in Coimbatore & the reason for this being the religious aura that’s widely spread across the city. From smaller ones to the colossal temples, you can find a whole lot of monumental temples that can truly uplift your spiritual soul. Excited for a beatific family tour? Hire tourist buses & vehicles of your choice from Proximove & cherish the divine moments.

Isha Yoga Center


Anyone who visits Coimbatore for the first time would truly get fascinated by the Isha Yoga Centre. A spiritual space for self-transformation with eternal energy encircling the Adiyogi Shiva Statue! Located at the foothills of Velliangiri, the Isha Yoga center is a must-visit for your weekend trip. Be it for first-time visitors or for frequent travellers, this place is always bliss! Aren’t you excited enough? So, plan your journey with Proximove – one of the most sought out travels in Coimbatore.

Scintillating WaterFalls


One can’t just pen down the beauty of the scintillating waterfalls in Coimbatore with a few lines. It’s more about witnessing the beauty of those in real! There’s a humongous lot of waterfalls in Coimbatore that you can’t truly get over for its beauty and scenic view. The spectacular list includes the Kovai Kutralam Falls, Siruvani Falls, Monkey Falls, and the Vaidehi Waterfall. Gather your bunch of travellers and set out for a weekend trip to witness the real beauty. Contact Proximove to hire any tourist vehicles for rent in Coimbatore & we’ll be more than happy to assist you with all of your tourist vehicle needs.



One of the infrequent tourist destinations in Coimbatore includes this enchanting place that’s surrounded by dense forests and beautifully decorated greenery. Anaikatti is truly a paradise for trekkers, for the place has its own unique charm that couldn’t be found elsewhere. People from different regions of Tamilnadu have now started to flock in numbers to witness the picturesque beauty of the western ghats and get in close relation with the wildlife. Located at a distance of 40 km from the city, Anaikatti is no wonder the best pick for your weekend trip. We are just in place to make this wondrous journey of yours look easy. No second thoughts, hire any tourist vehicle of your choice for rent and make this journey a memorable one with Proximove.



The poonachimalai or now famously-known Valparai would definitely top the list of your weekend destinations in Coimbatore. Valparai is one of the most decorated hill stations in South India that’s known for its scenic beauty, evergreen forests, tea plantations, and rich wildlife. The upper azhiyar dam, nallamudi viewpoint, Loam’s view point, and there’s plenty more in store for the travel lovers in Valparai. Hire a tourist vehicle from Proximove & plan your journey with ease. We are more than just the common travels in Coimbatore who would take immense care in making every journey of yours a wonderful one.

So now, have you made up your mind for a wonderful weekend journey? We guess that’s a Yes! There are plenty more destinations in Coimbatore that would excite you. But for now, we have listed only a few of the top picks that would best suit the current climatic conditions.

With a perfect travel partner in place, what more to think about? Visit Proximove and hire any tourist bus or vehicles of your choice for rent in Coimbatore. We drive for a reason and towards making all your journeys eco-friendly and memorable. You can WhatsApp to +91 9585247365 or feel free to contact us @ 044 – 481 – 35617  [email protected] for a memorable journey.

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