Best Tourist Places to Visit in and around Chennai

The weekend getaways in Chennai are always exciting, for the capital of Tamilnadu opens up to diverse tourist destinations in and around the city. Wouldn’t you wish to escape from the routine, tiresome work- schedule and enjoy a great weekend with your beloved family and friends? Here’s a list of the best and most-loved tourist places to visit in Chennai. There’s plentiful in store to explore and fall in love with, so what are you waiting for?

Pick your best tourist places to visit in Chennai and get excited about a wondrous journey.



The Kanchipuram, also known as the Kanchi is one of the historical tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. The city’s historical monuments and temples are the pivotal reason why tourists from all over the world visit this place in large numbers. Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme of the Government of India chosen kanchipuram as one of the heritages city. Ruled by diverse dynasties, Kanchipuram holds a significant role in the Tamil Sangam literature. The Quality of silk sarees weave in Kanchipuram always have high value in the global market. Owing to a large number of handloom industries in this region, the city is termed as the traditional centre of silk weaving and handloom industries for producing the Kanchipuram sarees.

There is plenty more to talk about the city and its rich culture & tradition. But words wouldn’t suffice to fit in here. So how about a 2 day trip to Kanchipuram to explore the city to the fullest?

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The city of Tirupati located in the Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh is a land of temples. From the world-famous Sri Venkateswara Temple to the kapilswaraswamy temple, and the Padmavathi Ammavarai temple in Tiruchanoor, the city holds a divine aura. Proudly referred to as the spiritual capital of Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is also home to diverse historic temples that one wouldn’t want to miss. The city is not just known for the temples but also for several other wonderful tourist destinations that are widely spread across the city. The Chandragiri fort, Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park are some of the must-visit places on your trip to Tirupati. Located at a distance of close to 140 km, Tirupati is definitely a wonderful place to consider for your weekend travel from Chennai.

How about a delightful family trip to Tirupati? 

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The Pondicherry or Puducherry has significantly become a tourist hub for the people of Chennai. Be it any weekend from Chennai, the first name to pop up would be pondicherry without doubts. And the reason for this being the climatic conditions and the diverse tourist destinations that the city has got to offer us. From being a Roman trading destination to being one of the most populous Union Territories of India, the city has undergone a tremendous transition. Having referred to as one of the best tourist destinations in South India, the city opens up to loads of colonial buildings, beaches, churches, temples, and other tourist places within its sphere. There’s a lot more to explore in Pondicherry and immense revelation would make you miss the fun. So, gather your buddies gang and plan an all exciting trip to Pondicherry from Chennai.

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The Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram holds a significant spot in the Classical Monuments in India. The monolithic architecture and the ancient cave temples could make you drop your jaws. Located in the district of Chengalpattu, Mahabalipuram is one of the best tourist destinations to visit near Chennai within a range of 100kms. Being of the famous UNESCO world heritage sites, one can find a large number of tourist spots in Mahabalipuram – it is estimated that this town encompasses almost 40 ancient monuments and Hindu Temples and that’s quite a large number. Some of our favourite picks amongst those are the Shore Temple, Arjuna’s Penance, Krishna Temple, Varaha Temple, The Tiger Cave, Open Air Museum, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary and many more to amuse you. So, how about a 2-day trip to Mahabalipuram with your family and friends?

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So, by now you would have picked your favourite tourist destination for a weekend getaway from Chennai. We hope that’s a “Yes”, if it still isn’t  – no worries we’ve got a few more wonderful destinations in our list that you would love to explore. So, keep following us & we’ll get back to you with the next bunch of tourist places.

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