How to easily make a long drive more exciting!

In the words of Tennessee Williams, “ Make voyages! Attempt them….There’s nothing else.” Who wants to stay indoors when there’s a great world outside!And, with that, you go ahead and plan on a road trip; a really long one too. At first, It looks effortless when it’s in your head.
But later is when it gets all complicated…
If planning the trip is one problem, packing for it is another. Look a little deeper and it’s actually a package deal! Here’s how.
Missing out on any of the essentials can ruin everything you’d be looking forward to. But what exactly are those necessities that you’ll need while putting your road trip together?
Note: You get to decide! But by the end of the blog, you would have already picked what you’ll need to drive the night away.
It’s that time of the year again, where your pockets are full and everybody is free for some quality family time. You plan on going someplace far; by road. See where is this going?Yes, You need a vehicle. You may already own one or probably rent one. That isn’t the point. Have you had it serviced (If it’s yours) or checked(if it’s rented)?

Remember, making sure that your vehicle is in driving condition is important for you and for those on board…

Your car will only break down in the middle of nowhere if you haven’t done your homework. Making sure to check the vital fluid of your vehicle and carrying the tools you need to change a flat tire and replace it with a new one are justs some of the basics.
That’s that. What’s next? It depends on where you’re heading…
Maps flew out of the window when the GPS came in. Not sure where you’re going? Don’t sweat it. A smartphone should do the trick.

Google maps will guide you, but it’s wiser to plan your route and stops without blindly driving towards destiny…

You can only imagine what that must mean. A phone wouldn’t betray you if you remember to carry a charger instead.Yes, that’s right. A power bank or a travel charger should make life all the more easy while on the road.
And you’ve gone halfway when you realize…Cash counts for everything, and planning your budgets is the biggest bet!
Like all the times you’ll need to hit the gas station or stop for some food. You can decide whether to grab a bigger bite or let the ride last a little longer.

Independent travelers suggest that you can find tons of food chains near the signs and stations. The prices are comparatively cheaper here due to higher competition…

Better yet, you can always choose to go the road untaken and pack your food beforehand in a cooler. Yes, it will add to that extra weight but there’s guaranteed cost cutting to suffice!
Is sticking to the plan working well for you? What’s a road trip without a little adventure?

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” – Lao Tzu

Okay, you don’t have to completely wander off-track but looking around the premises wouldn’t hurt. Here’s where you’ll need a camera. You will always be at the mercy of a camera while touring around. So keep that camera at hand and click the trip away!
Driving to a far place is more like going camping. So what do you need when in a camp?

Travel pros usually recommend keeping your trunk loaded. You may need a first aid kit in case of emergencies. Going towards the rainy side of town?You’ll need more…

We’ve put together a handy travel checklist for a rainy destination which should guide you through a rainy journey.
And you’re driving and driving towards wherever it is you’re heading. But why wait to reach there to start having fun? There’s nothing holding you back from having a good time on the road. Just make sure you’re safety hasn’t left your mind.

Boredom leads you to feeling tired and feeling tired can crash the whole travel party…

Plan a mini jam session or play a travel mixtape; do just about anything to spice up that trip and you’ll already be having fun even before you get there.
Having kids on board? You need to take extra precaution.
Kids can be occupied with a collection of your video games and a toy or two but that won’t keep them from acting up for long. There is always a little extra that goes into keeping the kid in their seat.


Research shows that a pencil, sketch pens, and papers can keep a kid busy. As simple as it sounds, the kids can get invested in drawing while you can focus on the road…


But what if you want to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride just as much as those in the back seat?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you! You can always have yourself driven (If driving isn’t your cup of tea but you still want to go to places)!
Go ahead and book with Proximove to reach your dream destination without having to move a muscle!
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With all that in mind and a travel-ready backpack go ahead with that long drive!

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