A Group travel ride to Party town of India – Goa. Explore it beyond the beaches!!

A Quick and Handy Proximove Travel Guide!
Goa being the beach Lover’s Paradise!
Goa needs no Introduction & being one of the most popular holiday destination and so called Party town!You know what?! Despite being the smallest state in the country, Goa is one of the nation’s biggest holiday & tourist destinations with 2 million tourists annually! For decades Goa’s nightlife has been attracting holiday goers. It’s truly indeed and offers so much to explore!
goa beach paradise - travel in proximove group

It is pretty difficult to think Goa beyond its beaches, sands and Goa cruises. Well, the moment Goa flashes we are all just struck in the memories of beaches & beaches and the same. It is so delighting and a treat to our eyes with the pop of pristine blue water and the lush of golden sand everywhere!The charm of Goa has not lost yet!!

Walking through the lanes along the street of Goa, with the pop of Portuguese style houses all around and people chattering in Konkani language. You can as well witness the doors of these homes are open and happily regarding each other with cakes, hugs and wishes. And Yeah! The charm of Goa is not lost, Not yet!!

Goa is unique in its own way with a touch of Portuguese culture and carries a unique picture for itself, which is quite different from the rest of travel destinations around India. The Charm of Goa from beaches to cruising to the Church is endless. At this onset, we Proximove take you to Goa and the glimpse of the experiences that it offers to the travellers.

Come join us and we shall embark on a journey from Coimbatore to the Party capital this marvelous march!

Presenting you all a Goa travelogue to get you started

Scroll down to experience it real:)

Must visit destinations in Goa!

Here are the lists of handpicked Goan popular attractions that you shouldn’t miss out!

Leaves you spellbound by its detail engineering & craftsmanship at Saint Francis Xavier Church!

Xavier Church in Goa

Bygone and years old church which is extremely popular in Goa. It stands top among the tourist attractions and remains to stand still with the remainder of the missionary St. Francis Xavier. The Grand interiors & the outside premises will leave us awestruck.

Grandeur, Royalty & Magnificence – three words that capture the essence of the Fort Aguada!

Fort Aguada

The Majestic Fort Aguada lighthouse was built in 18th century and is the oldest of its kind in Asia. This fell into disuse later in 19th century and it is the most often visited tourist attraction due to its rich panoramic view. This shows the spellbound luxury of Portuguese emperors and the skillful artisans who are known for Engineering and Perfection!

Angels of the sea- Go on a Dolphin spotting tours!

Angels of the sea - Go on a Dolphin spotting tours

Dolphin watching is a popular tourist attraction of Sinquerim beach.Operators over there would gather tourists in groups of 6 or so and take you through the beachside views about a couple of Kilometers to watch the Dolphins rolling into actions.

Don’t miss to Ride in Goa’s first & most famous triple deck cruise boat!

cruise boat

Goa Boat cruises stand first in all of our Bucket lists and people who have been there will never deny it! Yes! It is Unlimited fun there , hour long evening journey on Goa’s best cruise boats. It showcases the Culture of Panjim in the most beautiful way with add ons of Music, Goan folk dances showcasing the Portuguese and Konkani culture & sightseeing along the river.

Pack hacks to the Party town – Goa!!

Here are some of the Pack hacks for the party town, we have got you covered on that front too.

Pack hacks to the Party town - Goa

Magic season to Visit the Party town Goa!

Magic season to Visit the Party town Goa

The Magic of Monsoons- Winter wins!

Yes! The Goa in the monsoons has all the ingredients clubbed of dreamy, misty and Quite sunny in just the right measure.

The best Goan recipes- Local dishes in the Portuguese way.

The Goan food we get in the North and South madgaon has many similarities with the touch of Portuguese cuisines and this is mainly because of the Portuguese inhabitants who lived there for almost 450 years.! No other cuisines in India can claim such contrasting influence of Portuguese cuisine been well blended with Indian cuisine style.Seafood, Staple rice, Coconut milk and Local spices are the main ingredients of Goan cuisine.

Here are some Goan special eateries hand picked just for you 🙂

Magic Cuisines - Travel with Proximove

Must place to visit in the Party town- Goa
Goa is the ideal destination spot for all, irrespective of Couples, A group of friends, A family get together to spend memorable days there! We would all just wait for the sunset as sitting on the beachfront can be quite a mesmerizing experience.

Magic Places to Visit - Travel with Proximove

Detours you can visit on the go!

Detours you find while heading to Goa are plenty here are a few cues you can take it forward to visit places while on the go!

Detours you can visit on the go

Goa has got 25 amazing beach destinations including the South and North Madgaon ranging from full of party destinations to peaceful ones covering both the extremes. North madgaon is completely unique in its own way and the signature beaches of Goa like Baga, Anjuna can be viewed along the northern coastline of Panaji, and it welcomes all with Lip smacking delicacies served in the style of Konkan and Portuguese way! Hence the beaches make your getaway complete!

Whereas in South Goa it is Pleasantly smooth with serene beaches like Colva, Palolem and worth heading to both North and South Madgaon.

This is a Quick Travelogue by Proximove on how you can spend days there at Party town Goa, Exploring their culture in the Portuguese way with the beach fronts, photography with the class of goan foods. It showers us with numerous tourist attractions, majestic beach fronts & it is more than enough to make you fall in love with! If your family holiday to Part town so called Goa sounds tempting? You can Log on to www.proximove.com we are more than happy to pitch in & craft your perfect family escape.

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