The MahaShivRatri which solemnly symbolizes the overcoming of darkness and ignorance in life is celebrated annually in honour of Lord Shiva. This divine festival isn’t just observed by a religious category of people rather it spreads across a wide span of believers who significantly look up to Shaivism.

The Great Night of Shiva or the MahaShivRatri isn’t like any other common religious festivals that are witnessed in our country. This festival holds a centric position amidst the ardent Shiva followers or the Shivaites who devote them to Lord Shiva himself on the night of MahaShivRatri. The night of the festival significantly portrays peace, divinity, & social harmony. The MahaShivRatri is fondly known for the night long Shiva chantings and mantras that are part of the Shaivism tradition.

MahaShivRatri in its Unique Way at “Isha”:

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The uniqueness & distinctive elements of this festival are what that makes MahaShivRatri stand out from the other common religious celebrations. Though the festival is celebrated on a global note, the devotion, and zeal that is witnessed in our country is something humongous. The numbers when compared to the outside world also largely speaks of our tradition and culture that’s still on a higher note. This divine night paves way for the people in large numbers to offer their prayers & devote themselves to Lord Shiva.

The MahaShivRatri is widely celebrated across the various states in India. On the new moon day in the month of Magha is actually when Shiva or the Yogi attains the state of Shoonya. The Shivaratri celebrations across the northern parts of India is largely known to the outside world while those in the southern states still lies unravelled. Apart from the Shivaratri eve in Annamalai temple (Thiruvannamalai), there’s this one spiritual organization & charitable trust “Isha” in Coimbatore that hosts the “MahaShivRatri – A Night with the Divine”. This divine event is considered to be one of the largest in numbers where devotees from across the world gather around for a jaagaran that’s one of a kind.

Are you spiritually elevated?

So how about celebrating this sacred festival that falls on the darkest night of the year? The Adiyogi arena @ isha will witness nightlong Satsang and explosive guided meditations. You can also bask in the Grace of Shiva and enjoy the divine musical performances that will be performed by eminent artists from various parts of the globe.

The nightlong festival would also feature Midnight Meditation, Bhairavi Maha Yatra, & the Adiyogi Pradakshina. These would add more beauty & divinity to the eve as you cherish the night of awakening. So having said the significance of MahaShivRatri, your night with the divine at “isha” is something that you should never miss out in your lifetime.

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Let you celebrate the grace of Adiyogi!

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