Must visit places for the monsoons season!

Monsoon is irrevocably one of the best times in the years despite its ability to rain on our outdoor plans. Some destinations are go-to tourist places for when the rains hit. India is a country brimming with beautiful holiday destinations that are par paradise! The monsoon rains paint the perfect picture in these places making the view truly mesmerizing

Right from the north to the south, across the east and the west are top tourist destinations specifically suggested for the rainy season. In no particular order is the list of some offbeat destination to enjoy during the mid-monsoon season, with a little emphasis to the south.

Munnar, Kerala


Blanketed in the heavy mist and amidst rolling tea garden and spice plantation, the location is covered with dewdrops and moss making it nature’s paradise. Being an ideal escape for anyone seeking the quiet, Munnar is a go-to destination at off-season prices.

Agumbe, Karnataka


Agumbe is undoubtedly the most popular trekking destinations in South India.  Surrounded by numerous waterfalls, the mountains and valleys are a prominent attraction. There is a gallery on a high point of the hills along with temple ruins. At this point, the sunset can be seen as far as the Arabian Sea. Being a destination chosen for the setting of the famous Tv adoption of  “Malgudi Days”.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu


Known for being one of the most visited hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal receives fairly less rainfall. The sun and the clouds play hide and seek ever too often ensuring a mild and pleasant climate.During the monsoon, the region is filled with rain swept valleys and splashed with waterfalls. The otherwise hot climate is quite tempting to visit during the season.

Coorg, Karnataka


Coorg is a recognized hill station located in the Kodagu district of Karnataka.The picturesque hilly setting of the region gives it the name “Scotland of India”. The entire town turns into a lush green paradise during the monsoon season. The pleasant weather amidst the heavy rains is what attracts several tourists. For the sports enthusiasts, it is the perfect time to partake in sports like river rafting.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu


Kanyakumari forms an essential part of everyone’s trip to South India. Surrounded by three waterbodies, the weather is as pleasant as the seaside climate. It is the first place in the country to receive the monsoon showers. One can add the rains to their to-do list if they plan to visit this place during the rainy season.

Athirapally Falls, Kerala


Athirapally falls is the largest waterfall in Kerala making it one of the best places to visit during the monsoons.The waterfalls are located 5 km from Vazhachal. The place has several other tourist places like Kauthukapark, Thumboormuzhy Dam and many other places apart from the waterfall.

Wayanad, Kerala


Wayanad is the best-bound station in India which is situated just 76 km from the Kozhikode ocean shores. With the concept of monsoon tourism trending in the place, people come just to enjoy the rains. It gets one of the highest rains in India. With surplus rains, rocks and greenery, trekking and other adventure sports are possible here.

Kumarakom, Kerala


Kumarakom is situated in the verdant land of Kerala and is widely known for its possibilities of backwater tourism.It is arguably recognized for its varied landscapes and unmatched charm. With an amazing tropical climate and monsoons in plenty, it makes for a beautiful holiday destination. Kumarakom places host to the largest freshwater lake in Kerala,  Vembanad Lake. Bird watching is an absolute wonder for visitors during this season.

Lonavala, Maharashtra


The distance from Pune and Mumbai is very navigatable to Lonavala. This makes it the favorite destination for people in the western coast. Greens cover the hill town in the rainy season and have a number of viewpoints and trekking options around the region.

Panchgani, Maharashtra


Panchgani situated at the high altitudes in Maharashtra is a queen of beauty during the monsoon. Renowned for its blissful monsoon experience, Panchgani is a visual treat to persuade for a trip!

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