Summer Vacation is on! Experience the 360-degree fun with Proximove!

So the summer vacation of 2017 is almost here! A big question of dilemma? Where are we vacationing??


The summer fever has struck and the sun has hit the roads! Yes! The time has come to plan for a vacation  with Proximove!

A time to be free from work and go on a serene summer vacation !

Get rid of endless deadlines and commitments!

Summer vacations mean fun time with friends and family. A vacation to a tourist place would be great fun. Children would love to travel as schools are closed.

Summer Love! Experience the Ultimate travel bliss with Proximove!

As the summer hits, so is the temptation to pack your bags and take off to hill stations.  Heading to some exotic location and spending some quality time with beloved ones would be complete bliss for the day! It is also a great excuse to make some memorable travel memories you had while on the go with friends and families. To give some of the travel inspiration we have got you covered with some ideal destinations to visit in the hot month of June.

Here are some ideal destination you can head to rock on this summer!

Birds are chirping, Flowers are blooming & the weather is turning! One could feel the essence of spring and summer in the air. With the very hot summer, going on a perfect summer vacation is an ideal way to escape from the harsh hot sun! Pause everything from your busy schedules and experience something mesmerizing this summer and gorge on to the below destined places! And never to miss out the exotic places.

Exotic offbeat adventures to explore in buzzing city Bangalore!

Presenting you all, the exotic offbeat location from Bangalore. Hope all set to explore the other side of it? Whether it’s a short weekend getaway, a business trip or long weekend getaways or summer vacations, Bangalore has got something exciting for every kind of traveler.

Born to be wild? Unleash the spirit of Adventure sports this summer with your travel partner Proximove!

Well! Have you always wanted to try out some adventure sports nearby around??!

Bangalore is now becoming a popular haunt for adventure seekers and it is also known for awe-inspiring landscapes. Bangalore offers several thrilling destinations for White water rafting, Camping around woods, Jungle safari ride, Kayaking and Canoeing and as Yes for the Junkie lovers  Bungee Jumping as well! The adventure sports over here would leave you spellbound and lets your heart to pour on with excitement and thrill! And Bangalore is fast emerging for adventure sports with varied mind boggling and varied landscapes.

So if you love the white water and love to get high on adventure, then the adventure sport called Kayaking can offer you the absolute piece of thrill! It is a perfect destiny for amateur or experienced and there is nothing crazier than Kayaking! River rafting is again a perfect group getaway and a great team activity destination.

Dandeli-Karnataka (Experience the real thrill- White Water Rafting, Camping, Jungle Safari, Kayaking & Canoeing Adventure sports)


The Kali river is the life line of Dandeli. It is famous for white water rafting ,wildlife safaris and adventure trekking .! White water rafting is the supreme adventure at Dandeli!

Karnataka is known for popular places like Coorg, Mangalore and few other serene hot spots. There are other picturesque tourist places that must be explored on the go. Beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife & adventure sports make Dandeli trip a thrilling and exciting one. Dandeli would contribute to the untouched beauty of these spots making your journey memorable one. It’s a small riverside town in Northwest Karnataka and a lot of people from various other places indulge in adventure water activities along the Kali river and some wildlife scenic in its wildlife sanctuary. It is as well a perfect amalgamation of adventure sports and wildlife safaris. An ideal place so serene with rivers, valleys, and waterfalls. White water rafting, Kayaking, and canoeing would be an unforgettable experience for the adventure seekers.

A Trek to Nagjhari may not be the biggest or the most beautiful one, but it is sure to present a stunning pic

Overcome your fear of thrill and try some adventure sport today!
Agumbe- Karnataka ( Go for an adventurous trekking and its real treat for the adventure fanatics!)


Agumbe being the traditional village, it’s the ideal hot spot for adventurous trekking! Mission beta, Barkana falls and koodlu Theertha falls is from where your trekking would start by hiking in the forest and sure to enjoy the richness of Flora and Fauna!

Agumbe is known for its scenic natural beauty & waterfalls and it is one of the finest getaways in Karnataka. So Agumbe, a small village town at a height of 826 meters and offers wonderful sunset view and trekking paths. It stands second to receive the highest rainfall in India and it attracts tourists for its serenity, enchanting scenic beauty. There are few trekking points as well like Mission Betta, Barkana Falls and Koodlu Theertha Falls and they are a home of beautiful birds, insects, blood sucking leeches and much more.

So pack your bags this summer and have an adventurous trek around in the dense forest of Agumbe. Head before the clouds spoilt the fun and couldn’t enjoy the best view one gets to see during the sunset.

Are you looking for offbeat jungle experience??Head to Masinagudi to experience it on real!

Masinagudi Jeep safari-Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi


A wonderful tourism place well known for its beautiful vegetation and scenic beauty. Masinagudi located in the Nilgiri district and incredibly famous among tourists for its sanctuary, species and natural beauty. It is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in south India as a proportion to other wildlife sanctuaries in the state. It is incomplete without a mention of the rich biodiversity in the region. An adventurous jeep safari ride in the amidst of wild animals is truly adventurous.

Taking a safari in Masinagudi does not take you through jungles but you drive along the roads of Masinagudi. It is an absolute thrill where you can spot the wild animals on the go. Wild gaurs, Deers, sambars, porcupine, sloth bears are easily accessible. There are as well a lot of options to hike/trek in Masinagudi accompanied with the help of the local trek. It’s a heaven for different species of wildlife and it is a perfect place for camping.

Are you an adventure junkie?? Try out the amazing destination in Chennai that is awaiting! Jump bungee!

Bungee jumping- Bangalore, Chennai

Do you dare to fall?? If yes! The real thrill is here!


Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Bungeeeeee!!  The Bungee would be the mother of adventure!

Is bungee jumping on top of your to do the craziest thing!? Ozone in Bangalore is one of the most popular bungee jumping location in India. The Bungee jumping is from the height of 80 feet above the ground. Anyone from the age group of 18 and 60 years can enjoy this adrenaline pumping experience at Ozone adventures.

Experience the most adventurous and thrilling activity in the coracle boat! Go for a fun-filled coracle ride at Hogenakkal waterfalls.


The brilliant milky waterfalls and never ending river will leave you with the utmost joy! It has brilliant landscapes with the rocky formation which is no less than  Alice’s wonderland. In addition to which, you can as well indulge in coracle ride which leaves with scintillating experience of Hogenakkal falls. Coracle is the small boat over there, which can carry a maximum of 7 people, the coracle goes as close as possible to the waterfalls and it splashes the cold water on you! After the close proximity to the stunning waterfalls, the coracle proceeds towards the kaveri river.

The Kaveri river forks into multiple streams and falls, making the place mesmerizing! The water here is believed to possess medicinal properties, owing to the numerous herbs that grow in its path.It is one of the best waterfalls and one of the wonderful tourist places to visit near Bangalore and Chennai. The unique sight of the tall trees clustered with giant rocks on the way and fiercely flowing river makes even the dull hearts go awestruck.

The Ultimate water activity for the true adventure seekers! It is Exciting, thrilling and a real proactive adventure. If you love thrills, Nature, Pristine blue waters, Amazing water scenery around and a piece of adventure you should end up landing at Covelong point Chennai.


People who love to surf in waves has got something lined up exciting! Chennai is the ideal location to fulfill your surfing dreams. It is a scintillating water sport for all the surf lovers out there! The love for the sea coupled with the love for surfing would be the true bliss for the people who does surfing!

Covelong point near Chennai is one such place that delights you with a great surfing experience. Covelong or Kovalam village primarily the fishing village is considered to be the nearest surf break in Chennai.

Get set for an adventurous experience as you indulge in surfing at one of the top beaches. Most of the beaches in Chennai give you the option to surf and it has now gained mass popularity among not just the tourists but amongst the locals too. Apart from beaches, you can windsurf at Muttukadu Lake. There is no better way to explore the marine environments than Stand up Paddleboarding & Sea Kayaking!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Sea Kayaking, Rameshwaram


Sea kayaking and stand up paddleboard are the perfect means of exploration & adventure on the surface of the water! Recently paddle boarding has taken off for its popularity amongst the tourists.It’s water, water everywhere! Yes you have got it right! The town of kathadi in Pamban, Rameshwaram plays a generous host to a sea of sparkling water, an extensive shiny coastline and numerous adventurous sports. Also, a short trip to the town of Rameshwaram will give you the perspective of how beautiful this region really is, with its amazing beaches and monumental temples on the shores. An experience in the pristine waters of Bay of Bengal awaits you with all their charisma!

Sea kayaking, Stand up paddle Boarding and sightseeing are never to be missed here! You can paddle along the coastline of Rameshwaram and it creates opportunities to interact with wildlife and nature.  Head to this place where the dolphins sing in the blue sea and it is sure to offer you the offbeat delight.

So a comfortable getaway and a mandatory activity to be explored from the hustle bustle city life with a great opportunity to learn and explore the ocean.

Are you someone who looks for an adventure and experiencing wild things & thrill? These above offbeat destinations will definitely leaves you struck! So if you have a great appetite for adventures, you might consider the above places to experience the real thrill. So great! It would trigger you guys to explore the adventure sports and to befriend new places.


Happy travelling with us 🙂

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