Let your Children explore this Summer Vacation

The Summer vacation is on a roll and your little wonders wouldn’t ask for anything better than this long period of joy and fun. It’s the time of the year when your children can truly cherish some wonderful memories and explore their interests.

Summer Vacation

But then, Are your children truly enjoying their space? Are they developing as an individual? – A lot of questions to ponder!

The answer to the aforementioned questions would be an obvious “No”. The children of today are more inclined to indoors during the summer vacation. People today are socially connected but then physically detached and the same implies with your Children, who are enticed to the technology gadgets rather than the outside world.

As the quote says,

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
                                                                                               – Aristotle

So, are the world’s most valuable resources provided the needful attention? They aren’t truly given space to hop around freely and fly high.

Here lie the uncertain thoughts!

Back then, when technological exploration was on the initial phase; the children weren’t bound to the four walls and neither did they stick to the same couch for hours. The exploration space was plentiful, they literally knew what the society and the environment are built up of unlike now.

A Natural Learning Environment

Children, irrespective of the transitional shifts, love travelling Outdoors to enjoy their leisure time during the summer vacation. They feel fascinated by visiting new places and exploring new interests, which in today’s era is hardly witnessed. The little ones feel contented with their dear electronic gadgets and video games. They are hardly provided scope to travel to new destinations and feel the nature at its best.

Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle and busy schedules, parents hardly spend their time to take their kids on an exploration trip or a wondrous journey. Be it a short trip or a long weekend journey, travel has always got something to offer your little wonders.

The potential impact on the development of a child is directly proportional to space and environment that he/she grows in. And, this is exactly why explorers recommend to take your children out for a learning curve and educate them more about the outer world. Wherein, they get to learn and observe a lot that the four walls of a School or your Home fail to formulate.

Moreover, travelling with your children isn’t just about exploration and learning, you also get to enjoy some quality time with your family. You encounter new adventures, new shades of parenthood and what not to the long list of beautiful things.

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Let your children enjoy a wonderful exploration while you cherish the beautiful memories!

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