Proximove – The revolution has begun.

Proximove is in its budding blues. But very soon, we are going to hit the demand charts. We are utterly confident on that. How? If you take a deeper look into today’s market structure, you will notice that today’s start ups are making a deep impact than those who budded few years back. Reasons are endless. Efficient infrastructure, advanced technology and skilled workforce drive the start-up success.

Our’s is no different! We are still in the initial blues, but our determination and market knowledge are going to take us and our customer’s places, soon! Our Founder, Mr. Siddhaarthan. N has a beautiful & inspiring story to tell regarding the birth of Proximove and how it is going to help a million Indians Nationwide. Here’s what he has to convey to his readers.

“During one of the trips with my colleagues to a friend’s marriage we planned to hire a tempo traveller and I was given the responsibility of arranging the vehicle. Which i was unable to find as I had no clue where to go look for a vehicle and how to check the prices. I asked my dad for help to arrange one and he worked out a few of his contacts to find a good vehicle for us at a good price. This process made me think what would be the situation for a customer who wants to hire a tempo traveller but does not have any contacts. This made me realize that there was a market gap. There was no place to check out the inventory of the vehicles available in the customer’s locality and compare vehicles.

The only way for a customer to check the vehicle is to find a stand/station nearby, negotiate and check every vehicle individually. On the other side the operators had also been finding it difficult to market their vehicles because of the huge marketing cost involved. I wondered if I could create a platform where customers could find vehicles they want to hire, it could bridge the gap by enabling customers find operators and operators find customers. This would lead to organizing a highly unorganized sector. But somehow I was not very sure of how it would work and did not work on it and left to Glasgow to do my Masters.

This is where I met my Co-Founder Mr.Sreeraj Nair . We both shared a common interest in start-ups and one day I pitched the idea to him. He also agreed that there was a problem which can be solved. But I was still not confident enough to start working on the idea, but deep under I knew that there was a market opportunity which needs to be addressed.

After I returned to India I pitched the idea to my father and a few other transport owners who found the idea to be very exciting and it’s the need of the day, which pushed me to start working on the idea. The idea of Proximove thus began.”

Proximove is staged to achieve greater heights. We are not looking forward to savour the success all by our own but also envision to help all those tourist vehicle operators who have still not witnessed a thriving growth in their business.

On this note, we ask all tourists vehicle operators to collaborate with us and emerge together with a revolution in the industry.

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