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The city of Chennai or the famously referred Madras is home to diverse tourist destinations. The capital city largely encompasses some of the most beautiful & interesting tourist locations in Tamilnadu. And this, in fact, has paved way for the megacity to be one amongst the most visited Indian cities by foreign tourists. Considered to be the sixth-most populous city in India, Chennai holds a significant place in the books of history. The culture-rich landmarks and buildings, the vastly spread beaches along the coastal lines, diverse art & cultural centres, ancient temples and what not to the long list of tourist attractions in Chennai?

Are you excited to know a bit more about the City of Chennai? Get to know more here, we have for you a detailed narration of the city, it’s culture, people, and tourism. Visit our blog “One day trip in Chennai” and witness the best places to visit in Chennai during the weekends.

So, aren’t you excited enough to have a pick of the best tourist destinations in Chennai and set out on a wonderful journey? Yes, an exciting trip to Chennai with your beloved family or friends could do it for the first exciting trip of the year. Be it for the residents of Chennai or for the tourists who visit this wonderful city in large numbers, finding the right travel partner has always been an uphill task.

Yes, with humongous travel partners in town, picking the right travel aggregator is pretty tough. And to set up a group journey of this kind, a tempo traveller or a tourist bus or tourist van would be a perfect choice. The reason being the space that can be leveraged to accommodate a large number of travellers and the convenience of travelling together- which makes the journey even more fun & exciting.

So, what’s next? This might haunt you for a while until you find a tourist van/Volvo mini bus or a tempo traveller in Chennai. Trying to rent a tourist van or a luxury van in Chennai is a tangled loop that doesn’t actually offer you a proper solution. Despite the existence of several online travel agencies in Chennai, people still feel sceptical on hiring tempo travellers online. And the pivotal reason for this being the customer service or the service operations offered by the travel agency. The process seems like a simple one in the first place but the complications grow big as you move forward. Consider a real-time example depicted below for better insights,

For Example, A user who is looking to hire a mini bus or tempo traveller for group travel in chennai might try one of the following phrases in the google search engine,

  • Volvo mini bus rental Chennai
  • 25 seater van
  • Rent a tourist van in Chennai
  • 18 Seater Van Rental Chennai

From the above searches, it’s evident that the user is on the lookout for either a van or tempo traveller or a tourist bus for rent in Chennai. And the additional information tags the seater options provided – hence a clear depiction of the user requirements is provided by the user. On searching any of the above search phrases, the user gets bombarded with multiple travel agencies and aggregators in Chennai who might have vans/tourist buses/ and tempo travellers for rent in Chennai.

But the most important question here is – WHOM SHOULD I CHOOSE?

Every travel agency/aggregator is different from the other. Be it with the services, vehicle types for rent, prices, and ratings. And it’s significantly important to have a brief look into multiple factors before renting a 25 seater van or an 18 seater van in Chennai. And this is precisely where, Proximove offers you the best of services, just the way you want. We are India’s first aggregation platform for tourist vehicles. We drive for a reason and towards making all journeys eco-friendly and memorable. We have a wide array of vehicles for rent in Chennai and this includes cars, tempo travellers, Volvo buses, minibuses, and tourist buses.

At Proximove, you also get to compare diverse vehicles, travel operators, seating options, and vehicle reviews. And all this under one single banner isn’t this too much for an hassle-free online vehicle hire platform. So, no more the need for playing hard with phrases like “25 seater van for rent”, “18 Seater Van Rental Chennai” or “tempo traveller rentals Chennai”. Just visit Proximove book any vehicle of your choice to travel in Chennai with ease.

Want to hire a tourist vehicle in Chennai? You can WhatsApp to +91 9585247365 or feel free to contact us @ 044 – 481 – 35617 / [email protected] for a memorable journey.

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