Hassle free hiring of tourist vehicles for Group travel!!

Hassle free hiring of tourist vehicles for Group travel!!

Ever dreamt of waking up to a gorgeous scenic view of hilly terrains and the aroma of freshly grounded coffee, and relaxing in the lap of nature munching on freshly plucked fruits. To make this dream a reality, all you need to do is to hire a proximove 🙂

Addressing the hassle free hiring to the mass!

Proximove emphasis more on group travel to make the journey a memorable one!  Hassles involved in hiring a multiple smaller vehicles are significantly high and to address the problem proximove has come up with a solution addressing hassle free group travel needs.

To make the journey a memorable one, they encourage people to travel by tourist vehicle rather than multiple smaller vehicles. And proximove own the pride as India’s first touristic vehicle aggregation platform designed to make the group travelling a hassle free, fun and memory loaded!

Hiring a Tempo traveller is now made easy!

The journey of this revolution have started with the hassles involved in hiring a tempo traveller and it is where the birth of Proximove!

Initially it is in budding blues , and they have rightly identified the potential market and tapped it well where it can significantly address the problem of the mass!

Still now the hiring of tempo traveller goes so traditional. We have to go in for some random search and look upon some good travel company for the board! And we have no clue where to look for a vehicle and how to check for the prices. And this would be a big celebrations for the travel lovers out there! Here is how we stand monopoly!

Soon to be Online

Proximove is expected to go live soon to delight the travel lovers and it is a hassle free one stop solution to plan and book your vehicle’s for all your group travel needs.

We understood the right market need and the immediate need for the group travel solutions which would be right time to bridge the gap and to provide hassle free journey where it would give their customers the Inventory of vehicle operators in and around their locality were in they can compare the vehicles of their choice.

Proximove would be the one stop solution to plan and book vehicles for group travel needs.

Convenient option of a hassle free travel!

A very convenient option of a hassle free group travel is to hire a Proximove vehicle,It makes getting everyone together more closer! Rather it would be Win- Win for the Customers and as well the operators. It creates a unique platform for the operators to market their vehicles and for the customers to find the right travel partners! Yes ! It’s definitely a win – win!

Tap on the App- And get the group travel Real

Proximove it is the smartest way to get around, Be it Early morning flights or week ends get away wherever you are headed we can Ride ease.!

Highlight on our USP

We have regular audit checks on the following factors like Quality and safety checks with our operators.And we extend price transparency directly to the customers, with no booking fees or additional add-on charges and thereby hassle free group journey for the huge fleets.

Hence we serve the purpose to address all the group travel needs and help the customers in making the informed decision for selecting the vehicle of their own choice.!

On this note, we request all tourists vehicle operators to collaborate with us and emerge together with a revolution and address the hassles involved in the group travel.

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