When Exploring is so much of Joy & Fun

Exploring is so much of Joy & Fun

“I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little”
                                                                                                         – Alexander Sattler

Some quotes aren’t just flooded with words, they are meant for a reason; they are placed for a cause, in fact. One such is the aforementioned words of Alexander Sattler that defines the perspective of “Exploration”.

To Explore is to; travel through those unfamiliar areas in order to learn about it and enjoy the journey. To Explore is to; have so much of Joy & Fun that just can’t be put in words nor framed in sentences. Furthermore, They are par – A virtual treat to experience that brings about a whole new dimension to Life.

Where do I begin with?

For all those Travel lovers, one of the most quizzed up questions will be this for sure;

Where do I begin with? – This sounds crazy at times but then this is where we all are stuck up or glued to without a clear frame. We all love to travel, we all like to explore but then one can’t just pack their backpacks and set on a journey as such. For, destinations act as a pivotal factor when it comes to Exploration. Some destinations are really cozy, while some are really adventurous. It certainly varies with individuals, and that’s why we (Proximove) has come up with a few brilliant ideas for your dream explorations. Take a look at some of our best picks,

Chadar – How could one Walk on Water?

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Frozen rivers are found plentiful in this globe but then the one in Chadar is a crafted beauty. One can’t just take their minds off after witnessing this wonderful thing that’s one of a kind.

Mcleodganj – The Nature Lovers Paradise


Our country is a home for some majestic and beautiful mountain ranges that are sculpted to perfection. One such fine range of hill & mountain ranges can be found in Mcleodanj. The Dhauladhar ranges in specific are what that lures travellers across the globe to this wonderful spot.

Leh – Ladakh – A Roadtrip to cherish for a Lifetime

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The road trip from Manali to Leh is a dream for all those bike lovers. Who in the world wouldn’t want to witness the magnificent beauty of the desert mountains? This for sure would top your list for an adventurous and thrilling journey of a lifetime.

Markha Valley – Mighty views of the Ladakh and Zanskar Ranges

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Markha Valley is one of the most beautiful and toughest treks on your road to the Himalayas. Significantly known as the “tea house trek”, this exploration would offer you with some fine travel diaries to cherish forever.

Binsar – Flora, and Fauna at its best

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Binsar would top the list for an exciting Wildlife Exploration, for the place has got a lot to offer than described. The dense jungles, the wildlife, the climatic spheres, and what more for a fascinating journey. The wildlife lovers would definitely get excited about this place without any doubts.

Kudremukh – A different landscape to Witness

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Kudremukh is all about the steep hills and some deep valleys that make this exploration a challenging one. Being located in Karnataka, a large population of travellers isn’t really aware of this beauty that still lies unravelled. Kudremukh is also largely known for the typical yet slightly different greenery that stands out from the rest.

Kanatal – Your Camping spot can’t get any better

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Have you ever dreamt of a beautiful camping place amidst those majestic mountains and rivers? Kanatal offers it all with some awesome scenic views that are priceless for your eyes. This is one of the famous tourist destinations in Uttarakhand that draws a large number of visitors during the winter period.

With all those Explorations in mind, are you really set for a journey? If so, then don’t ponder much, pick your spot and start your journey.

Some Explorations are truly life-changing! Proximove wishes you all a Happy Exploration

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